Rainbow Titanium Aura Quartz Necklace - Serpent + Sage
Rainbow Titanium Aura Quartz Necklace - Serpent + Sage

Rainbow Titanium Aura Quartz Necklace

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Rainbow Titanium Aura Quartz is quartz that has been enhanced with a combination of titanium and niobium. The surface has been coated with metal to give it an iridescent metallic sheen.

This pendant was made using an alchemical process called electroforming. This process can be unpredictable and can take hours to days for each piece to become its own unique natural work of art. Every piece is one of a kind and cannot be recreated.

Crystals and stones are handpicked and inspected by me. Inclusions, fractures, pitting and other irregularities are very common. These imperfections add to the charm of each piece.

Copper has been used for healing and medicinal purposes for thousands of years. A natural conductor, copper promotes the transfer of energies and is paired with gemstones to amplify their metaphysical properties.

Due to some people's body chemistry, copper can turn some skin a greenish tint, but this is completely harmless and will wash off. Copper reacts to acidic environments- and your body acidity is related to your diet. Junk food, processed food, and lots of red meat will make your body acidic. The more acidic your diet and body, the more likely you are to get sick. This can make copper jewelry a terrific way to gauge whether or not you need to change your diet or if you’re just on the cusp of coming down with something. A protective sealant has been added to the piece to avoid skin discoloration. Once this wears off you can put a coat of clear nail polish over the area that touches your skin.

Please handle your jewelry with care. Avoid submersion in water and direct exposure to harsh cleaners, lotions and oils. These can tarnish the copper and permanently discolor some stones. Copper will naturally darken with time. To help preserve the finish of your piece polish with a simple soft dry cloth or scrub with salt and lemon to brighten it.

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