Electroforming is the intricate process of applying a low voltage charge to fuse copper onto another medium. This process takes 24-36 hours for each piece to become a natural work of art as the copper organically forms around the stone or organic material creating the setting.

I have always been a “Rockhound” and have found great pleasure from locating and identifying the many beautiful treasures this Earth has to offer. I learned lapidary techniques to take these raw specimens from the earth and transform them into beautiful cabochons but struggled to find the jewelry medium that really spoke to me. I fell in love with electroforming due to its organic, raw nature and because each piece became its own work of art regardless of my intention. I can guide the creation, but it will become what it desires to become. This has allowed me to release my perfectionism and experience the joy of organic creation.

My work is inspired by raw, organic elements and spiritual symbolism. I especially enjoy utilizing organic components in my work such as real tree branches, moss, cedar leaves, ethically sourced deer antlers and feathers. It is especially rewarding to take something that might decay in time and forever preserve it in copper.

Why Serpent + Sage

Serpent symbolizes death and rebirth and the energy of wholeness and cosmic consciousness. It is the knowledge that all things are equal in creation, that all is one. 

Grandmother Sage is the bridge to higher realms. She clears away that which no longer serves us. With her medicine we bring in the good spirits and dispel the negative or stagnant ones. 

It is through witnessing our humanness and coming to see our imperfections as beautiful and perfect that we die and are reborn to the next stage in our development. It is through respecting and utilizing the medicine of this earth that we come to play an active role in our life, manifesting with the magick of mother nature coursing through our veins.

I share these gifts of manifestation, abundance, love and protection and I hope that with them you manifest that which you seek.